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Previous 10 Mar. Tags: discussion , manga. Since Kou Yaginuma is still an up-and-coming mangaka, it would be appropriate to support his future works as well after the successful run of Twin Spica.

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The first volume was released recently in March. Tags: manga , request. Tags: anime , discussion , drama , manga. If you haven't noticed already, the newly released volume 7 contained Missions 36—38 and an extra "Another Spica". These chapters are originally in volume 8 of the Japanese release.

Futatsu no Spica Episode 4 [English Sub]

I took this up a couple weeks ago with Ed Chavez, the marketing director of Vertical, who then confirmed via Twitter that they will be publishing Twin Spica in 12 volumes. This means volumes 7—12 are in mini-omnibus format, compiling more chapters into each volume. Although I'm excited that we'll get to see the story's ending faster, I have mixed feelings about this. Looking at the Random House Vertical's distributor catalog , it seems the cover art is scheduled to continue as it did in the Japanese releases. Asumi is going through her growing pains right now.

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She knew this new challenge would not be simple. Mentally and, even with her petite frame, physcially she was prepared for almost anything the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA could throw at her. Twin Spica, Volume: 02 by Kou Yaginuma. Where were you when the first International Space Station was scrapped and dropped into Earth's atmosphere?

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It was Asumi's first day in space school, and she promised Lion she would not cry or be homesick as she will be leaving her quiet seaside town for the big…. Twin Spica, Volume: 01 by Kou Yaginuma.

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In a Tokyo in the not too distant future a young girl studies deligently with ambitions of soon attending space academy. If things work out just right, her future may very well be among the stars as well. And yet, every time she looks up to the stars there is a…. Twin Spica, Volume 16 by Kou Yaginuma. In this final installment, graduation looms for what is left of the Tokyo Space School's first class.

Finally, Japan's first student astronaut is selected! Will Asumi finally be able to drive the rocket of her childhood dreams? Twin Spica, Volume 14 by Kou Yaginuma. Tragedy strikes the TSS. It was not long since the first class of the astronaut course got to experience great pride when one of their best was selected to join NASA.

With those feelings still fresh the academy is then shaken to its core and one member may not be…. Twin Spica, Volume: 12 by Kou Yaginuma.

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Asumi and her classmates are getting closer and closer towards graduation, and changes in store for this group of friends. There will be good-byes to be said and that might end up causing some tension within this group. Some of that friction might be spurred on…. Twin Spica, Volume: 11 by Kou Yaginuma. From the moment they enrolled, these teens were under the assumption that the future of….

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