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The talks in Bangkok thus marked the beginning of a new negotiating phase, drawing delegates from countries tasked with fleshing out the Bali Road Map. This involved drawing up a work programme to craft a future international climate pact that will successfully halt the increase in global emissions within the next years and dramatically reduce emissions by mid-century.

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By the end of the week, Parties had agreed on the work programme that structures the two-year negotiations on a long-term climate change pact, breaking up the immense task of reaching this agreement into bite-sized, manageable chunks of work. Given the strong interlinkages between them, they also agreed to discuss all five issues in conjunction with each other at each of the three sessions due to take place this year.

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Focused discussions will also be devoted at an early stage to financing and technology, with the latter addressing research and development as well as technology transfer. Furthermore, work on the issue of adaptation, which is broadly recognised as a priority, will start with consideration of how to advance action on adaptation through technology and finance.

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The fact that such critical issues are being discussed at an early stage can only bode well for the process. While at Kyoto a deal was struck before establishing such rules, which were only agreed upon four years later, the aim this time is to have a clear set of rules before a political deal is reached.

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In particular, Kerry said Obama would sign up to a UN pact to fight global warming in late even if US climate laws are not yet in place. Some have doubted whether the UN will be able to meet its goal of agreeing on a successor to the Kyoto protocol at the next UN climate summit in Denmark in December because the new US administration will still be very young. But Kerry insisted the deadline would be met.

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  • However, speaking to Reuters on the sidelines of the summit, Kerry added that China, India and Russia would also have to promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions to win US Senate blessing of any pact. It has to reduce, in concrete fixed levels from its current levels. Poland and Germany divide its territory, but soon afterwards, mutual relationships deteriorate.

    This war is costly, and by , all main units of the Wehrmacht are in Western Europe , fighting the Anglo-Americans, who had landed in France in summer In those circumstances, Warsaw begins secret negotiations with London and Washington , eventually switching sides, and attacking the Third Reich in Noticing German problems in the West, both countries initiated secret negotiations with the Allies.

    The British and the Americans gladly accepted the offer, understanding that it would weaken the potential of the Axis powers ".

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    Surprised, the Wehrmacht does not fight the Poles, who capture Silesia , Eastern Prussia , and Western Pomerania , cutting off all lines of communication with German units which had remained in occupied Soviet Union. Poland emerges as Great power.

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    The book was met with mixed opinions among Polish historians. Professor Andrzej Nowak called it "harmful and unwise", adding that it "fulfills the wish of Russian and other propagandists, who claim that Poland dreamed of joining Hitler to murder Jews, but did not do it because of her own stupidity. In the situation that Poland found itself right before the war, the only chance to survive was an alliance with the Third Reich.

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    A heated discussion that ensued after its publication shows that this book was much needed.