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Rachel Landers. John Follain. Victor Davis Hanson. Mitchell Zuckoff. Julian Jackson. Jeff Sparrow. Nicolai Sennels.

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Slavoj Zizek. Garrett M. Richard English. Nitsana Darshan-leitner.

Democracy, Al Qaeda, and the Causes of Terrorism: A Strategic Analysis of U.S. Policy

Joshua Hammer. The Unabomber. Paul Auster. Henri Alleg. Ali Ahmad Jalali. Lester W.

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Aeham Ahmad. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description This team of international experts analyses the possibilities and limitations of preventing or reducing terrorism by addressing the factors that give rise to it and sustain it. Bush speech at American Enterprise Institute 26 February Available at www.

The author has attempted to avoid this fallacy by specifying the nature of the problem as much as possible, by looking at Al Qaeda and the global Salafi jihad rather than on the effects of democracy on all kinds of terrorism. Sagemam, Understanding Terror Networks , p. Sageman, Understanding Terror Networks , p. Roy, The Failure of Political Islam , pp. Gerges, The Far Enemy , p. Causes of terrorism can be divided into four levels: individual, rational, systemic, and ideological.

This article only analyzes the systemic occupation, modernization, authoritarianism and ideological religious extremism. Democracy, though, might also impact the individual psychologies, demographics and rational costs and benefits, the relative ease of conducting attacks causes as well.

They also explicitly exclude such notions as social or economic equality, accountability, liberties or human rights, participation in contrast to Dahl , or the nature of civil—military relations. Others, like Freedom House www. See also M. In , the U.

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This is a frequent theme in bin Laden's rhetoric. Some scholars disagree with the causal direction of this argument. They argue that democracy does not lead to wealth; rather, wealth is a precursor of democracy. See, for example, Robert J. The linkage between economic factors and left-wing terrorism is better substantiated, however. Besides those cited here, see the following for similar views: Gurr, Why Men Rebel , pp.

Daalder and James M.