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And spikes! And demo Meet your favorite characters from the mega-popular Overlord in its first-ever comic anthology!

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Whether it's to reaffirm your undying love for Ainz-sama or further explore the world of Yggdrasil and Nazarick, this book will satisfy all your fan cravi Tigers Eye - often overlooked in the sparkly world of gems, but holding mystery and allure at its heart, representative of courage, luck, clarity, harmony and balance. In this year's collection of short stories from the Romance Writers of Australia, w Travel back to a time when divine beings mixed with mortals, when heroes battled sorcerers, and nature was a mysterious realm ruled by beautiful and dangerous deities.

From the legends of Hercules and the Titans, to the tales of the underworld and th This book is a beautifully presented collection of the fascinating stories told by the indigenous peoples across the continent of North America. The exciting adventures of trickster figures like Glooscap, Raven and Coyote are combined here with class The myths and legends of the Norseman have entertained the young and old for hundreds of years.

Full of dramatic stories A group of talented authors come together to share stories of murder, mayhem, time travel, beloved pets, and true historical events in their debut anthology. You will weep. You will smile. You will realize the power of a writer when everyone gets to Not quite. This anthology of horror peels back the veneer of normalcy to uncover the strange and spine-tingling fears lurking behind. Created by the minds of Singapore American School?

From Paris to Prague, from the past to the present, authors and artists explore what Europe means to them - and us - in this unique collection. In these pages you'll find personal letters, reminiscences, poetry, art and brand new fiction from some of The Pan Eros Foundation? It offers consent-based workshops, regular monthly events, artistic events, social and support groups? Voices is a collection to transport, move and surprise.

Inside you will find writing of infinite variety from the members of the King's College London Creative Writing Society; writing to intrigue or delight, to soothe the soul or stimulate the mind, In the 34th issue of Dark Moon Digest, the gods of the sky take their vengeance; a little girl and her brother see too much; sisters talk to civil war ghosts; a fairy tale has a different idea of happily ever after; a peeping tom gets more than an ey Wild Musette Journal is an anthology of music, mystery, and myth featuring the best in fiction and poetry.

The Journal centers around themes of music and dance, but along the way ventures very far afield. In Frog Porridge you'll find fiddle tunes, a m The world of Remnant is filled with horrific monsters bent on This is a short story anthology by the Monash Writers Group. Each writer has taken the first line of a story they like and used it as the starting point for a new tale. Some lines are famous, others obscure, but the works they have inspired are origi Vampirella teams up with the Scarlet Legion to stand against the cult of Chaos the Destroyer cultists.

Spinning out of Alan Moore's retelling of the ageless horror classic, Dracula has come to America to play out his timeless narrative in this brave Includes an i The Todmorden Writers' Group returns for a ninth year to celebrate a wealth of poetry and prose hand-reared on the fertile slopes of the Pennine hills and totally free-range, allowed to gambol through the imaginations of the local authors over the la But their flirtation comes to an abrupt end when Bradley R From hard-boiled detectives to fashion-fail teens, from dissembling mothers to pre-assembled lovers, from advertising rodents to time-traveling girlfriends -- you've never read a collection of stories like this one!

The Literary Taxidermy Short Story Open this book, and you will enter a world refracted in a prism with thirty-two polished surfaces. A gem, cut in the Eurocrat diamond district, emitting multifarious literature through its many faces. Some reflect the wistful melancholy of the Brusse From nosy neighbors to alien lovers, from examinations of race to explorations of alcoholism, from concrete poetry to Lovecraftian horror -- you've never read a collection of stories like this one! Packed with 12 short stories and 34 poems from Irish and international writers.

Akira Tachibana. Akira, awkward when it comes to expressing her feelings, finds herself secretly falling for the manager of the family restaurant where she works, one Masami Kondo, age The curtain rises on the sm Come along with Principal Frank N.

Stein into a bright, energetic classroom where the class pet is a big purple boa constrictor, recess is in a swamp, and class bats help build a Creepy Castle in the Monster Maker's Lab. When Tornado Jo, a new studen Your little ones will enjoy helping Little Lamb find baby Jesus that first Christmas night. All of the animals are snuggling their babies.

Folk Tales of Britain: Narratives - The Folio Society

Stephen King hates to fly. Now he and co-editor Bev Vincent would like to share this fear of flying with you. Welcome to Flight or Fright, an anthology about all the things that can go horribly wrong when you're suspended six miles in the air, hurtling From its first edition in , this celebrated annual fiction anthology has consistently introduced readers to the next generation of great Canadian writers.

With settings ranging from Thailand and war-torn Vietnam to a tiki bar in the Prairies, the In this notable anthology from a group of Long Island, New York, authors, you will find nearly thirty stories and reflections. The eighth Crimson Cloak Anthology for charity has a theme of horses. Various donated stories and other items create a miscellany of entertainment, with a horse in every one.

Whether you love horses or just want to support the charity which benefits f The Excelsior Hotel and Casino. For decades the towering hotel has been the subject of incredible stories and rumors that have kept it in the public eye the world around.

Why have so ma From www. Well-established dark literary voices and n This anthology brings together ten stories by Havana-based authors, offering different perspectives on a city that has stood in defiance of much of the rest of the world for decades. These stories take us beyond the intoxicating colors of the tourist It was an age when canals etched the ancient face of Mars, and when Mankind dreamed of life on a far off red planet wandering the night sky.

Celtic Encyclopedia

It was an age of exploration, exploitation, and imagination. Above all it was an age chronicled in pulp ma Defeating monsters and stopping evil is a tough job, but TEAM Something Happened in Our Town describes a traumatic event—a police shooting—from the perspective of a White family and an African American family. This story models productive conversations around With authors from fifteen different countries, this is a diverse collection of stories that will transport readers to a whole host of new worlds and showcase the best writing coming out of Latin America today.

The chosen authors include Valeria Luise Collecting together eighty-six different pieces of prose from sixty-one authors, Decadence and Sybmolism: A Showcase Anthology, is the most broad-ranging anthology of its kind. Surveying the movements from their beginnings onward, the volume brings t Inscape, compiled annually at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, is a literary journal featuring poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art from the region and beyond.

Established in , it has grown from a forum for student writing into a sho When middle age hits — it hits hard. Marriages fall apart, children leave for college, and jobs disappear. A gorgeous summer house in the Hamptons. Thirteen guests, all eager to enjoy the sun, sand, drinks, and temptations they can. They are strangers, meeting for the first time. They can't wait to mingle, to get to know each other, intimately and otherwi The stories written fall into various genres, such as: historical fiction, suspense, science Scrooge, Donald, and the nephews are off on more adventures in these tales from around the world.

The British Comics Anthology: Dirty Rotten Comics 12 Summer The definitive British comics anthology returns for the summer with a brand new crop of strips from a never-before-seen cast of UK comickers plus pages from a few returning favourite Million dollar art deals and glittering parties hide a world of deadly relic running in this high-stakes international thriller written with input from Robert K.

This trade paperback collects original illustrated stories based on Zag Entertainment's television show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. A collection of different comics content taken from the issues of The Phoenix, this bind-up pulls together different humorous, informative, action-packed, and brain-teasing stories into one mega-comic bind-up!

A practical buffet table for kids to An all-new set of adventures for the characters of the hit Cartoon Network TV series! Steven, the Crystal Gems, and the whole Beach City gang embark on new adventures: Steven and the Gems enter a wrestling league, get lost in a haunted corn maze, and These stories are presented by a wide array of talent from across Star Wars novels, c We welcome everyone - especially those with a story to tell.

Adventurers, mercenaries, guardsmen, merchants, noble and peasant. If you have a tale to share, then come in and have a seat. First drink and a hot meal are on the house.

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  8. What's a As the Martians overrun the American heartland Texas holds out, but thye may have more than just Martians to deal withThe Martian invaders have overrun the American heartland. Between the Mississippi and the Rockies, only Texas holds out, written off American women have always had the grit and determination to influence others and make important things happen. From working for the young colonies to homesteading on the Great Plains and the Wild West to navigating the hardships and deprivations A beautifully illustrated book essential for every child's library. A day at the zoo may seem like fun, but something's going on, and the animals can't seem to get along with each other.

    So what happens when an argument breaks out between the lion and Whatever happened to British protest? For a nation that brought the world Chartism, the Suffragettes, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and so many other grassroots social movements, Britain rarely celebrates its long, great tradition of people power. In this t Otitis was living a great life with his foster siblings, waiting for the day his forever family would come along and take him home.

    However, he was a little bit different than the rest of his brothers and sisters. Will anyone give an earless cat his Cats have been our companions since long before they graced the temples of Ancient Egypt. In addition to being members of our families, they have also stood with us through difficult times. From keeping pests and vermin away from our food stores to p Waxkeep has compiled some of the greatest fairy tales and fables ever written and combined them in an easy to navigate collection with a linked table of contents.