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Then I realized it was he. And finally I understood it was much more. Memories are her brushstrokes and life-consuming longing the color in which she paints her pictorial story. The awakening of first love and the discovery of erotic pleasure arrive hand in hand with the heartbreak of a certain separation, the sentence to life imprisonment by familial duty and the ruthlessness of intransigent tradition. It is the rawness of impressionistic paragraphs capturing in Polaroid snapshots the obsession of a crazed mother, the chauvinistic abuse of an elder brother and the alternating urgency and resigned languidness that leaves a permanent scar on the features of a young woman.

The tale has been told countless times before. But never like this. Never the vessel set sail in the Mekong River amidst deafening heat, chirping jungles and melting sky annihilatating all color. Never the throbbing heartbreak was replaced by incandescent prose that palpitated to the rhythm of the distant voice of China. Never the fate of two lovers who never spoke to each other, would be sealed with only two words.

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Jan 03, karen rated it liked it Shelves: littry-fiction , i-joined-a-bookclub. View all 96 comments. Mar 01, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: , favorites. My full review, as well as my other thoughts on reading, can be found on my blog. An autobiographical story about an affair between a young French girl and a Chinese man, set near Saigon, The Lover wavers between repression and indulgence.

The tone is detached, the description spare, the narrative fragmented; in spite of the the cool aloofness of Duras's prose, though, the novel is incredibly sensual.

Each image glints and radiates a warmth much at odds with the narrator's emotional reticence. The My full review, as well as my other thoughts on reading, can be found on my blog. In the end, though, the story is rather disturbing: the girl is exploited by her lover, and her family regularly abuses her. View all 18 comments. A world away from the intelligence insulting and glorified trash of E. James, Marguerite Duras has written a sparse, minimal and painfully sad erotic love story that never gets drawn into the realms of romantic fantasy.

And to deeply appreciate 'The Lover', it needs to be looked at from the perspective of Duras herself. Pen was put to paper when she was 70, it's predominantly all about looking back on memories past, and I say it's a painful read, painful in respects to nostalgia, as nost A world away from the intelligence insulting and glorified trash of E. Pen was put to paper when she was 70, it's predominantly all about looking back on memories past, and I say it's a painful read, painful in respects to nostalgia, as nostalgia forms the basis for the story that has origins from her actual youth while living in French Indochina, age fifteen she fell in love with a rich Chinese man.

Duras takes this premise and places a white teenage girl in South Vietnam, into the arms of a wealthy older man who catches her eye while been driven in a limousine. But this is a forbidden love that was always doomed, trying to keep secret from her mother and two brothers she would regularly meet with her lover for moments of passionate bliss. Duras stays away from any attention seeking sexual content, and never covers ground of what's right or wrong, just tells the simple tale of innocence lost.

The narrative at times appears broken, and there is little in the way of dialogue, but his only helps to fortify the reading experience of it feeling like a distant dream. After being Oscar nominated for her screenplay on the Alain Resnais film classic 'Hiroshima mon amour', Duras would rightly win Frances most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, and she will always remains a significant French writer.

View all 12 comments. Feb 11, Cecily rated it liked it Shelves: bildungsroman , china-japan-asia , biog-and-autobiog , sexuality-gender. When he was still alive it had already happened. Like the second quote, it teases about horrors not yet explained - that may never be. Marguerite Duras wrote this autobiographical novella over a few months around her 70th birthday.

The narrative is dreamy and disjointed. The family are damaged and disjointed. She slips between first and third persons, tenses, and sheets. The main characterslate. The main characters are nameless, and pronouns sometimes ambiguous.

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I collected the shiny tesserae, gradually constructing patches of story. The pages exude the heat and humidity of French Indochina now Vietnam in Soporific fever drives lust and hormones. Desperation changes standards.

Taboos are breached. The writing is beautiful, but there are constant allusions to fear, madness, and murder. A powerful dissonance. She is white French but from an impoverished, dysfunctional, fatherless family. He is rich, but Chinese. Race, class, and wealth should keep them apart. And age. I was captivated by the mysterious undercurrents of a broken family, and the lifelong ripples from a chance encounter on a mundane river crossing. A metaphor for the whole story.

A child becomes an adult in an instant. Although Duras' story takes place long before Nabokov's, she wrote it long after, and must have known of it. Like Lolita, the strange beauty of Duras' language lures one into a distasteful story of an abused child. This teenager is also a vulnerable, immature, tomboy - albeit not as knowing as Lolita is portrayed. They permit, enable, and defend it.

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This is child prostitution! Image : Woman waving a red flag Source. She likes the idea of his having other women, which raises questions about her own self-esteem. The man is a victim of sorts, ruled by fear, especially of his father, and looked down on by colonials because of his skin.


Photos are a small, recurring, and significant trope. If perhaps she actually did?

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However, long before she wrote this, Duras wrote another, semi-autobiographical novel, The Sea Wall , in It presents a similar picture, but notably different in other ways. See Jim's excellent review here.

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It would be easier to think this story is fiction, but evidently the general narrative is true. Both are doomed to discredit because of the kind of body they have, caressed by lovers, kissed by their lips, consigned to the infamy of a pleasure unto death… the mysterious death of lovers without love. There are far more mentions of fear, madness, and death than of love or even passion. It is more disturbing - or should be - than expected.

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View all 32 comments. Desire The first time ever I saw your face was on the ferry. I had my head buried in a copy of the South China Morning Post. My father had said, if I read it every day, I would learn about the world around us, and his boy would become a man. Only then would I be ready to take over the family business after him.