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Julian Carroll suspends three top Kentucky fire officials, including Kentucky state fire marshal Warren Southworth after an investigation into the enforcement of fire regulations. District Judge Carl Rubin rules that all lawsuits filed in federal court will be tried as a class action lawsuit. The new club is never built. A federal court jury decides an overheated connection from outdated aluminum wiring caused the fire.

The decision reverses an earlier ruling. Previous settlements involved lawsuits against the club owners, insurance companies, a utility company accused of failing to inspect wiring, and makers of polyvinyl chloride and other products and materials used in the club. Thank you for reading the Dayton Daily News and for supporting local journalism. Subscribers: log in for access to your daily ePaper and premium newsletters. Thank you for supporting in-depth local journalism with your subscription to the Dayton Daily News. Get more news when you want it with email newsletters just for subscribers.

Sign up here. By Staff Report , Staff Writer. A makeshift morgue is set up for the victims of the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire. Destruction after the fire at the Beverly Hills Supper Club. May For years, I read everything I could about that place, on that night, but so much of it was legal, technical stuff. I was happy to find this book and looked forward to reading it. The author did a great job with telling his story and the history of the club through his eyes as a long-time employee.

It is interesting to learn of all the background things that went on throughout the years, and to learn the stories of the people who were there on that tragic night. But the publisher cheaped out, badly. This book is badly printed. I have never read any published book that that had words run together with no spaces in between. This was a distracting and frustrating issue throughout the whole book. Words are bolded in places that make no sense at all. Black and white pictures are dark, and the captions on the actual pictures are written in tiny script which makes reading them impossible.

I have used a book light and a magnifying glass from time to time to get through this, but it was just too aggravating.

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Did I just get a dud of a copy? Or are all the copies of this book so poorly made? In any case, this story deserved much better, and the people whose lives it touched deserved a much better reading experience. That night, and that place changed forever, in this whole country, if not the world, how buildings are constructed, and what policies are now in place to prevent such a needless tragedy. January 22, - Published on Amazon. The fire of as nightclub on a busy Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend resulted in the loss of lives.

The owners built repeatedly over the existing building turning exit doors into doors to other dining rooms to create the most capacity. Sometimes no building permits were sought not electrical inspections performed. To me it sounded like a lot of corruption with the owners as well as local politicians to create a financially successful business while cutting lots of corners.

Some suspect arson due to this being the second fire and people had been in earlier in the week bullying the owners and trying to get them to sell. I was amazed at all the big names that had performed at the club like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, among others.

Beverly Hills Supper Club - Tragic Fire Disaster - 40 Year Anniversary

This was a very educational read by an employee who had worked there many years prior to the fire and was working the night of the big fire. March 26, - Published on Amazon. This is a wonderfully written book. It does not devolve into a narrative of mind-numbing legal wrangling following the fire, as so many of these accounts do. The author faithfully recalls his long history with the club, bringing meaning and nuance to a horrific story. He also includes statements and survival stories from other victims which are as compelling as his own story.

The downside: this book was scanned in from a hard copy, but not proof-read, resulting in some ridiculous sentences in the midst of horrific descriptions.

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For instance, "burns" nearly always turns up as "bums;" easily translated while reading, but gives us sentences like, "she emerged from the oily smoke, her face and body covered with bums. Still worth the read. February 17, - Published on Amazon. Certainly a significant amount of effort and a reasonable amount of money was invested to create an air of glamour, but it certainly was no more than an air. So much concern was focused on the appearance of the club while important matters such as safety were largely neglected.

Traces of the grandeur which monopolized Figure 1 are still evident. The remains of a somewhat pompous table, an ornate mirror, and grandiose wall paper are visible, but tremendous destruction is also clearly evident. The table is now ornamented with soot and fallen debris. The broken mirror reflects images of the damage which has overtaken the room. The charred wallpaper is peeling from the wall.

Inside the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire: Ron Elliott: The Book Depository UK

These images and their striking contrast provoked a reform of the mindset which dominated the seventies, a reform of the fascination with appearance. It caused Chesley to peer behind the mask of the club; he unveiled what he believed to be the fraudulence of the 4-R Corporation as well as the failure of multiple industries to conduct business in a safe and responsible manner. All I remember is chaos.

That day was complete chaos. The club had been mad busy all day. Everyone was excited because it was Memorial Day weekend, but everyone was especially excited to see John Davidson performing. I was working with my friend Lise Bohannon in the Cabaret Room that night.

I finally asked the bar tender where on earth she was, and he mentioned that he thought he saw her heading towards the door. Confused and worried I left in search of her.

Thank god. As soon as I got to the stairs I realized there was a mass exodus in progress. While everyone in the Cabaret room sat preoccupied by the show, as the smoke spread, people from other parts of the building had begun to flee.

I managed to escape just before the real frenzy. Trying to see to get safely down the stairs was extremely difficult, with my eyes watering profusely and the smoke which had already begun to engulf the building burning in my throat. The suffocating smoke stole away the oxygen and clouded the air. Shortly after, the flames erupted and panic ensued. As the raging fire conquered the building, people desperately attempted to flee.

ISBN 13: 9781563112478

But that building was mazelike, and the smoke filled the air. The images of all those bodies, so many bodies lying in the cool summer grass on the hills outside the club will haunt my memory forever. Memories of the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire continue to haunt those who were involved and affected.

But, the effect of the disaster has extended far beyond a single geographic local. The litigation that followed the fire has had a significant impact on American legal practices. Federal judge William O. TheCincinnati Enquirer. The Cincinnati Enquirer. Alexander, Roberta Sue. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, '.

Athens: Ohio University Press, Accessed December 2, Google books.