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The Metropolitan Police have a Wildlife Crime Unit located at New Scotland Yard, which is designed to deal with any and all issues relating to wildlife crime. The unit is inevitably overworked with inadequate resources and therefore cannot be relied upon to respond to issues relating to crime against feral pigeons.

The terms and conditions of the General Licences are never more regularly and openly abused than in respect of feral pigeon pest control. Thousands of pigeons are killed by pest control companies every day in the UK, acting on behalf of property owners and as authorised persons by default. In a vast majority of cases the pigeon-related problems being experienced are minor, with no demonstrable health and safety implication, and can be resolved with relative ease by installing deterrents or scaring devices.

The cost of installing deterrents may be considerable, however, particularly if the property is extensive with numerous architectural features upon which feral pigeons commonly perch and roost.

In these circumstances pest control companies will often recommend lethal control in the form of shooting , cage trapping and killing operations due to the fact that these methods of control, although ineffective in anything other than the short-term, will cost significantly less than protecting the property with deterrents. Due to the complete lack of policing, however, the likelihood is that the illegal cull would go unnoticed and the property owner would escape prosecution.

Another way in which the legality of feral pigeon pest control is brought into question is in relation to the entrapment of birds subsequent to the installation of bird exclusion devices, often nylon bird netting. Nylon bird netting is one of the most commonly used bird exclusion products, with pest control contractors recommending the product widely due to its profitability. There are many problems inherent with its use, however, the most common being the potential for pigeons and other birds to become trapped behind or within the netting.

This may happen because the netting was poorly installed, because it has not been maintained or because it is old and has degraded. Whatever the reason, huge numbers of pigeons become trapped behind or within nylon bird netting every year and yet it is almost unheard of for a property owner to be prosecuted as a result.

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The prosecution would use the Animal Welfare Act and be brought on the grounds of unnecessary suffering. Unnecessary suffering is defined in section 4, paragraph 18 of the Explanatory Notes section of the Animal Welfare Act as:. The Act makes it an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to any domestic or captive animal, with limited exceptions including suffering caused under the Animals Scientific Procedures Act The Act has formed the basis for most prosecutions concerning animal cruelty and has been amended by several subsequent Acts.

The provisions of the Act no longer reflect modern practice. Excepting the restriction to vertebrates, this section is intended to replicate the protection provided by the Act, but to simplify and update the legislation.

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The way in which the courts would determine whether unnecessary suffering had occurred or was occurring is outlined in section 4, paragraph 21, subsection 3 of the Animal Welfare Act :. Subsection 3 sets out considerations to which the courts should have regard in determining whether the suffering is unnecessary. Considerations focus on the necessity, proportionality, humanity and competence of the conduct. The court should take all relevant considerations into account, weighing them against each other as appropriate. Where, for example, a horse suffers while being used for the purpose of riot control, this may well be considered necessary for the purposes of protecting persons or property one of the considerations specified in the section.

Or, where legitimate pest control activities entail an animal suffering, a court may consider whether this was in compliance with a relevant enactment, for a legitimate purpose, and proportionate to that purpose. The court would also consider the extent to which the suffering could reasonably have been avoided or reduced another of the considerations specified in the section.

Where suffering inevitably occurs in the course of complying with any regulations, licence or code of practice an offence would not normally be committed. It is always the responsibility of the property owner to satisfy themselves that feral pigeon pest controls provided on their property are not only appropriate and will resolve the problem being experienced but also conform to the terms and conditions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act As with all legislation, ignorance of the law in this case the terms and conditions of the General Licences is no defence.

In summary, the law is quite specific where the control of feral pigeons is concerned, but due to the complete lack of infrastructure available to police the Wildlife and Countryside Act specifically, the terms and conditions of the General Licences it is, in reality, a relatively toothless and pointless piece of legislation.

Any piece of legislation that is designed to be acted under in good faith will be open to wholesale abuse, certainly in terms of compliancy. It therefore comes as no surprise to learn that few if any prosecutions are brought against those acting outside the terms and conditions of the General Licences. The terms and conditions of the General Licences are clear: if pigeons are killed as a method of control without all non-lethal options being tried and found to fail, the action is illegal.

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The Animal Welfare Act is also clear: if pigeons become trapped behind any bird exclusion device and allowed to die or suffer, the action is illegal. If pigeons are allowed to suffer during a control operation for any reason, the action is illegal. Of course, it is always for the courts to decide whether an action is illegal and therefore whether a punishment is meted out as a result. In most cases, however, certainly where the feral pigeon is concerned, the law offers little if any protection from deliberate abuse or cruelty as a result of commercial ignorance or greed.

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In a vast majority of cases pigeons can be controlled within the terms and conditions of the General Licences without resorting to potentially illegal culls , but this will not always be in the best interests of the pest control industry. Large buildings are expensive to protect using the most profitable products nylon bird netting and post and wire systems and most property owners will baulk at having to spend tens of thousands of pounds to have products installed that degrade quickly and will need to be replaced regularly.

What the property owner must understand is that they cannot blindly take advice from a contractor and assume that the advice provided, and the service recommended, is legal and falls within the terms and conditions of the relevant General Licences. Culling will never resolve a pigeon-related problem and yet thousands of culls are undertaken every day of the week throughout the UK, and in most cases property owners are completely unaware that it is they that are responsible for ensuring that the cull is legal, not the contractor that recommends and carries it out.

If in doubt about the law where pigeon pest control is concerned, or if a control has been recommended and advice is required in respect of whether that control is either necessary, legal or cost effective, please contact the Pigeon Control Resource Centre for advice. Both organisations will always offer commercially unbiased and expert advice and will, wherever possible, provide alternative and cost-effective control options.

The legality of pigeon pest control is constantly brought into question as a result of the fact that the legislation to which we all have to adhere is complex and written in such a way that it is virtually impossible for the layman to understand. It is also the case that most contractors are unaware of the terms and conditions under which they are required to act in order to provide controls that are within the scope of the law.

Therefore, in many cases, neither the client nor the contractor is really aware of what actions can be legally taken to control pigeons and, as a result, a very considerable number of pigeon pest control operations fall outside the law. Joe R. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group , 27 de out. Direitos autorais. Lansdale has written more than a dozen novels in the suspense, horror, and Western genres. He has also edited several anthologies.

He lives in East Texas with his wife, son, daughter, and German Shepherd. Lansdale Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group , 27 de out. I fed it some breakfast and it gobbled up some. I decided to drive off and it stayed on the hood of my car for quite a distance. I drove really slow to give it a chance to fly away. He seemed familiar and it was delightful to witness this. I have it on video and pictures just amazing. It felt like divine intervention but what is the message?

Soooo Grateful! Found a pigeon egg on the carpeted floor in my balcony without nest, is that means something? I had a Titmouse fly over and land on the top of my cell phone twice last summer. When I was sitting very still in a lounge chair, while waiting to snap a picture.

I thought was sooooo amazing! It was hard not to smile a him. He was only about 10 inches from my face. We had the Georgia State bird Thrasher fly in our home, not sure how he got in but I opened the front door and he left. He did circle around our house for a minute and took off.

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What do it mean that a gray and white bird flew in my house. And stood at my bedroom door. I had a bird today fly right into the driver door widow of my car although the window was cracked open 2"to 3" it did not make it in the strange thing was I caught sight of the bird when it was still some distance away and watched this all happen in slow moton it did not attempt to change course infact my car was moving at a slow pace and it seemed like it was trying to hit my car scared the beejeezes out of my and it was a small brown bird the kind I see hundreds of every day darting around parking lots and residential areas do you suppose this is more than just a couinsedance or mean something.

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Today as I was sitting on my back porch a female robin flew from the west and landed on the rail about 7 inches from my face and sat and stared at me into my eyes maybe ten seconds go by then I whispered what do you want to tell me then she cocked her head and stared for another few seconds then flew back to the west then was gone wow! What do you think? Two days straight I had two birds fly into my home one day it came in from my back sliding door and flew back out the back door and today it came in my front door out the back sliding door the birds are the regular birds little dark grey birds what does that mean.

One day my mom was putting clothes away in the room and heard someone knocking on the window.

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When she looked up she saw a white dove and pigeon flying close to the window and then flew away across to our next door neighbor house. When my mom got near to the window to look better the dove and pigeon flew toward the window and started scratching the window and pecking.

She scream and yelled to me saying what she saw. At this time I was in the other room and then when I looked toward the window from the room I was in I saw the white dove fly by and leave. I yelled to my mom telling her they were in the side where I was and when she came into the room and got near the window the white dove and pigeon started scratching and pecking the window. They looked desperate trying to get inside our house. They flew away and we heard them singing. I felt really scared and started crying. Then me and my mom spent like 30 min searching for what a pigeon and white dove meant.

Then after a time we saw the dove and pigeon fly by again and this time the dove only stopped by the window.