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Reflections on the last three years of his life by the late Archbishop of Chicago. The author addresses questions of life and love, good and evil, guilt and sin. Ron Goldman's family reflects on his life and death. A former F. Stanley and William D.

A history of the past 40 years in financial crises | IFR

An analysis of the lives of wealthy Americans discloses that they have seven characteristics in common. From Kansas City newsboy to newspaper reporter to television anchorman: a memoir.

Two police detectives report on the O. Simpson case. From a childhood in Beverly Hills to a troubled relationship with Woody Allen: a memoir. The mysterious death of a young man in Savannah, Ga. The psychiatrist discusses the problem of raising a child to be a good citizen with values that will last a lifetime.

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A memoir of the Russian ice skater Sergei Grinkov by his longtime partner and wife. The story of how Thomas Jefferson sponsored Lewis and Clark's exploration. Advice for women seeking to improve the way they look at themselves. A strategy for combating osteoarthritis. Ways to lose fat permanently and enhance one's health.

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A Biography, by Jervis Anderson. The life of a magnetic gay black American of many identities who may be best remembered for his part in the March on Washington. An astute memoir by an atypical adviser and confidant Jewish, arty, psychoanalyzed of Richard Nixon. Occasional pieces, reviews and contemplations, both literary and philosophical, offered up by a writer of distinguished fiction and an honored academic.

We're chatterers and snoops, every one of us, according to this fresh, witty book, and there's an evolutionary reason: gossip, like primate grooming, helps cement social ties. A journalist's re-creation of the famine of , in which perhaps 30 million Chinese perished because of the ignorance and obstinacy of their leaders.

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Disturbing and original, this novel of suburban adolescents on the run in the 's uncovers the scars beneath the optimism of postwar America. There is a view out there that any time there is a rescue, it encourages people to take risks. The system is rescued not the perpetrators.

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  • A history of the past 40 years in financial crises | IFR.
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Reputations are besmirched. Analysts regard the crisis as being triggered by a reversal in economic policy in Mexico, whereby the new president, Ernesto Zedillo, removed the tight currency controls his predecessor had put in place. Prior to Zedillo, banks had been lending large amounts of money at very low rates. It also hit markets across the developed world.

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Three years later it was able to repay all of its US Treasury loans. Numerous rate increases including a 0. Back then we knew rates needed to go up, but the speed and swiftness of the move derailed the market for a long time and we saw a dramatic collapse in volumes, and serious strains in the financial system. It was one of the most problematic years ever in fixed income.

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It was a reminder to all participants that this is the real world and the real economy at stake. Similarly to what was experienced in Latin America in the s and present-day Europe, the crisis spread across the region, with South Korea, Indonesia, Laos, Hong Kong and Malaysia also affected. Rhodes says he spent considerable time warning Asian governments about the risks they faced, but that his concerns were largely ignored. There is a similar phenomenon in all of these crises, which is that people like to think they are different and that experiences elsewhere do not apply to them.

Only one year later, in , a nearly carbon-copy crisis happened in Russia. Dotcom bubble — to Markets would yet again forget the lessons of the past in the dotcom bubble and subsequent crash in As in most crises, it was preceded by a bull rush into one sector. In this case it was technology and internet-related stocks.

Individuals became millionaires overnight through companies such as eBay and Amazon. The hysteria reached such a pitch that the inconvenient fact that few of these companies made any money scarcely mattered. By , however, the game was up. The economy had slowed and interest rate hikes had diluted the easy money that was propping up these companies. Many dotcoms went bust and were liquidated.

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Kay Steffen, head of syndication and corporate broking at DZ Bank, was involved in bringing more than 80 of these companies to the market. We see this happen every few years in various market segments. We see it happening today in some bonds. In many ways it has still has not ended, with the billions in losses and slowing global economy manifesting themselves in the current European sovereign debt crisis. It resulted in the collapse of a number of large financial institutions and is considered by many economists to be the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

While the causes are numerous, the main trigger is considered to be the crash of the US housing market. In his mind, the crisis has changed banking for the better, and he is a supporter of the new regulations as well as simpler business structures. What you do has to be connected to reality. Is financial history destined to repeat itself?

It would appear to be something of a result of the way markets function. A boom creates excessive interest and lofty prices.

Most recently, the world has had to cope with the European sovereign debt crisis, a problem that never seems able to go away entirely and seems to get worse with each ensuing multi-billion dollar bailout. Rhodes argues that many of these incidents are avoidable, but in many ways what is more important is how they are resolved.

Above all, he sees strong political leadership as one of the most crucial elements, along with a competent plan that the populace will understand as being good in the long term. This kind of leadership is missing in Europe. Tags - 1. He spoke to Keith Mullin. The Eurobond market owes its history of largely unbroken success to no single individual. The formative period of the s and s followed by the phase of explosive growth, globalisation and breathtaking innovation of the s and s have their hallowed lists of progenitors, progressive thinkers, inventors and pioneers.

Few people have straddled both periods and can legitimately lay claim to having their name on both lists. Fewer still remain at the forefront of capital markets today, standing ready to help marshal the industry towards its next adventure. Rising quickly through the ranks, Rudloff became chairman of Kidder Peabody International, and, in , a board member of Kidder Peabody Inc. Of the very early days, Rudloff credits Stanley Ross, another market legend, for giving him his early vision. Gut gave him the opportunity he needed.

Michael von Clemm had recently taken over as cha. The creation and growth of the private-label mortgage-backed securities origination and trading business on Wall Street in the late s and early s at Salomon Brothers in New York is legendary.