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So this time, as I planned a week-long travel around the Bavaria region in Germany, I decided to spare a day for skydiving, and skydiving alone. As I checked-in at the reception, I was given with a waiver form which basically asked me to sign my life away and waive the Tandem of any liability in the event of a mishap injury or death. But it was kind of expected. Once done, my tandem instructor Steffen gave me one on one instructions on what was needed to be done before and during the flight.

It basically included four things: 1 not feeling scared and smiling for the camera, 2 jumping together and taking the banana posture right after the jump, 3 the posture to attain while landing. After the instruction and meeting the video guy who provided me with the precious memories of the entire experience , I was helped to suit-up and be ready for the big moment.

It felt like an eternity sitting in the aircraft and about to jump for the first time. The moment the aircraft took the flight and until it hit the 4,m height mark the height we were supposed to jump from every second felt like a lifetime. I remember being the only first tandem jumper in the entire lot.

Everyone else was much experienced and seemed worry-less. As the time to jump approached, I chicken-walked to the door of the aircraft and stared down. What a rush! But as I caught hold of me and started freefalling face-down, I realised that I completely forgot what form I was supposed to take during freefall, but Steffen forced me into the correct position.

The entire freefall felt more like flying straight across the sky instead of falling at about kmph. Nodding unceasingly with all the life in me, I spat a weak Yes. Steffen then asked me if I wanted some spins on Parachute, and I said Hell yeah!

Skydive Interlaken, Wilderswil: Hours, Address, Skydive Interlaken Reviews: 5/5

Then he spun our parachute times to left and right and it was fun. Wow, the entire experience was nothing like I had imagined. Our world renowned cameramen will video your total experience — from being fitted with the harness, the briefing, plane ride, exit, freefall and your landing. You will receive a complimentary DVD edited with great music and your skydive of a lifetime!

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Our amazing team of tandem instructors and crew will brief you on the basics of the freefall body position and what you can expect to happen during your skydiving experience. You will be fitted with a jumpsuit and harness. With perfect weather conditions, you will board the aircraft and be shown the seating arrangement for the climb to altitude. During the climb up amongst the highest mountains in the world, you will have a chance to enjoy the breathtaking mountain views as far as the eyes can see.

Skydiving in India: Feel The Feeling of Free Fall

Your tandem instructor will verify that everything is ready for the jump with your four attachment points securing you to his equipment each upper attachment has a breaking strain of 5, lbs!! At the correct height the aircraft Pilot will signal ready to skydive and you will move to the aircraft door for the exit! The next few seconds will be an extraordinary rush of adrenaline. The excitement of freefalling above the earth at up to kilometers an hour is a feeling you have to experience yourself. After freefalling, the parachute will then be opened for a calm 5 minute canopy flight ride to the mountain drop zone landing area.

Tandem skydiving requires equipment with some differences from sport skydiving rigs. All modern tandem skydiving systems use a drogue parachute, which is deployed either from the aircraft or shortly after leaving the plane in order to slow the freefall speed of two people down to that of a single skydiver. This is necessary for proper parachute deployment, lengthening the duration of the skydive, and allowing the skydivers to fall at the same speed as videographers.

Tandem skydiving systems also use larger main parachutes square feet and larger to support the extra weight of two passengers. Tom Noonan, the director of Tandem from the company is overseeing all Everest Skydive tandem operations. Tandem instructors are required to pass an instructor certification course for the system they jump. All Everest Skydive instructors are so rated.

Our jump crew are all trained in specialized HALO skydiving and been jumping in the Himalayas since Most countries have varying laws or regulations allowing who may skydive with a passenger or student. The skydive jumps and landings take place at Syangboche ft drop zone and Amadablam ft in the Everest Region of Nepal. The landing areas have been approved friendly for such jump operations. Your Everest Skydive tandem instructor ensures safety and provides all the training you require — the fun and excitement is your part!!

Skydiving is an extreme sport, and therefore, like anything in life, has certain risks. However, all our crew have the skills and experience to make your tandem jump safe and enjoyable. No, The sensation of freefall is more like floating. Although it very rarely happens that your main parachute will fail to open properly, We always have a reserve parachute.

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Also, we have a full-time FAA Rigger maintaining the parachutes on site at all times. We generally jump from 10, ft.

Things To Know

That being said, we are happy to take you to any altitude that the plane will go for the same price! As Skydive Key West is one of the top 5 places in the world to skydive See Article , your ride to altitude will be an exceptionally scenic experience! Most landings are quite soft, with most people doing a gentle stand-up landing. Under certain conditions and at the discretion of the Instructor, some people make a gentle sit-down landing. At Skydive Key West, you must jump with an certified tandem instructor. Yes, Skydive Key West operates a freefall cinematography business right here on site.

We can provide you with a video filmed at p or 4k and 12mp digital stills of your skydive.

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If you would like to purchase them; you will receive your photos and video right after your jump. Can we get one video for our whole group? Can I bring my own camera with me on the jump?

Sky Tower on-ride HD POV Tivoli Friheden

No, you are much too busy with your skydive to look after your camera. It very easily may get lost or broken and its a danger to the residents below. USPA regulations require even experienced jumpers to have jumps prior to wearing any type of camera system. If you have a special requirement, call us! We can make your dream of flight come true! If you have a special medical concern, please contact your doctor.

Is there a weight requirement? Yes, jumpers must weigh less than lbs. In very rare circumstances it may be unsafe to take a passenger even if under the weight limit. Our Instructors make the final determination to keep everyone safe.

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  4. There is no maximum age but you must be at least 18 years of age regardless of parental consent. There are no exceptions to this rule. We have an unblemished safety record. We have excellent customer service. As Skydive Key West is one of the top 5 places in the world to skydive see article , your ride to altitude will be an exceptionally scenic experience! Info Skydivekeywest.

    I'm Ready To Jump! I Have Some Questions. I Have Questions. Your Skydive.

    Safety Skydive Key West has an impeccable safety record, using the safest state of the art equipment. Book Now. Experience Human Flight….