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Nursing Student. I had a change of heart. First phone accident : When I was in the 6th grade my parents decided I should get my first cell phone because I was going to middle school now and things were different. I took decent care of my phone and never needed a replacement. Well, flash forward to Memorial Day weekend. My family and another family went camping up in Pennsylvania for the weekend.

Well, one of the days we were up there my buddy, Oliver, and I decided to take the kayaks out on the lake.

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Genius me, decided she wanted to listen to the 4 Selena Gomez songs I had on my phone. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to put my phone in a plastic bag to protect it from the water. When we got back from kayaking I took my phone out only to find the bag was submerged in water. We had no rice or anything to save my phone so we tried laying it out to dry, not even 15 minutes later it starts down pouring destroying my phone even more. Lesson learned. Little thief : When I was around four or five I was with my mom at this store buying some Christmas gifts. I grabbed two of them and stashed one in each of my pockets.

I still remember the rush of energy I got from actually leaving the store undetected. I had the absolute worst social anxiety when I was a kid so I was a absolutely sobbing, telling this poor employee how horrible a person I was. We get in the car and I thought I was doing pretty well, until she starts freaking out? When we get there, there is a state trooper waiting for me. Literally had to take a sobriety test when I tried to get my license. At least I passed one test that day. That one time I got lost : So about a year ago, I was in Phys. Ed class, and we went around the neighborhood for a jog at the beginning of each class.

Ed policy.

The Fifty Shades Of Grey Ending: The Main Reason It Didn't Work

To this day, I beg people to order for me when anyone remotely attractive is working the cash register. It is all I can do in my power to keep from laughing from sheer shock. I finished as through and quick as I possibly could and booked it the hell out of the room. Later when I had to book the clients next appointment neither of us could look the other in the eye because of that traumatizing encounter. I will probably never be able to live down the moment I looked at the multicolored butt right in the crack.

Thanks, Mrs. Miller, you the best : One time way back in sixth grade math class I had to fart really bad.

Me being the idiot that I am decided that it would be silent. The only person talking was the teacher and she was interrupted by freaking cannon fire farts. Weed birthday : Last year, during class, my algebra teacher let us listen to music while we did our classwork and whatnot. So, I was just jamming, being super confused on this one problem and I look up from my paper to ask my friend how to do it and EVERYONE is intensely looking back and forth between me and another girl with their fingers on their noses.

As you can imagine, I was super confused. So, naturally, I also put my finger on my nose.

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So I have this mini freak out at my friend Seth sitting next to me. As a freshman and quite socially inept I decide not to really do anything about it until lunch which was next block. I had some paper in my arms from last class so I decided to use those and figure out everything during lunch instead of making a scene at like literally the first week of my high school career.

My teacher asks the class for a problem we can apply to it right? Well guess who raises his hand?

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Now my teacher adored Seth so he gets called on and you know what his answer was?? Complete mortification.

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I hold up the stolen backpack and my teacher had the most dumbfounded look like I have never encountered someone that failed at life more than you. We ended up continuing with that scenario and took notes on the scientific method using the very problem that I had created. I miss that game everyday…. A full sun : After an exhausting, weeklong festival I was getting a lift back home in a car full of my friends. We were coming up over a mountain road with a really beautiful ocean view just at sunset. Socially awkward fail : So one day I was walking around, just chilling with my friends when I see this guy reading a book.

So naturally I approach this boy hoping to make a new friend and bond over the series. Gay teacher : So about a year ago we had to do a speech about something we were passionate about. These would then be recorded to put on the school website. I decided to do one about gay rights as it was not yet legalized in my state. In the end it went really well.