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The two-day Influencer Training program creates a powerful and portable model for behavior change. This one-day Navigating Change Workshop will introduce the Michigan Medicine 7-step model for change, provide 3 leading strategies to coach staff through change initiatives, and aid in creating a draft change plan to help kick start your change project. Crucial Conversations is a two-day program that teaches skills for creating open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics.

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For over 10 years the Straight Talk survey has helped millions of people identify their personal communication style for better personal interactions. Leadership at All Levels LAL are hour sessions where we invite participants to converse about pertinent topics related to common practices throughout the University of Michigan. Foundations of Leadership is a new leadership development program available to leaders who are new to the university or their leadership role with years of supervisory or management experience and at least one direct report.

Our behavioral based interviewing course is an introductory class for hiring managers and any individual responsible for interviewing and selecting employees. This session is geared to assisting individuals with writing SMART goals for performance evaluations. Performance Management at Michigan Medicine is a workshop recommended for anyone who conducts performance evaluations. Getting Things Done is a training that teaches individuals how to increase focus on the most meaningful work, organize information, prioritize commitments, create mental space for innovation, and achieve stress-free productivity.

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Career Development. Change Management. Navigating Change Workshop - Free. Conferences and Special Events. Managers should consider the following performance review questions before giving an evaluation:. Put the employee at ease. Be as clear as possible. Use concrete examples. That was fantastic. How can I help you keep that going? If an employee needs critical feedback, consider using a PIP. A performance improvement plan PIP is reserved for extreme cases, but it is helpful to put an employee back on track.

Performance improvement plans should not be used as a pink slip — instead, they should be treated as a tool to help transform a low-performing employee into a better teammate. Set expectations. What actions can you and the employee take based on this conversation? What new expectations do you have? Be sure to put any agreed-upon goals in writing or in your performance management software to keep both parties accountable.

Keep the conversation going. And the best way to do that?

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You guessed it, regular feedback and real-time coaching. Still nervous about giving or receiving performance feedback?

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Keep calm and carry on with these tips for both employees and managers. Think about what you want to get out of the review. Prepare questions and ideas ahead of time. Be prepared.

Bring these notes to share in your review, or use them when writing your self-evaluation to showcase your efforts and impact on the business. For a holistic self-assessment, make sure to identify areas in which you can improve. Stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize.

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Remember to assume the best intention, especially if your manager has to deliver critical feedback. Also, think about ways to incorporate that feedback into your long-term goals, and keep leveling up. When possible, meet in person. Be specific. Keep notes on your employees throughout the quarter regarding detailed examples where they have excelled or faced challenges. Get comfortable with discomfort.

Seek feedback on your own performance. Request feedback regularly and receive it honestly and openly.