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This report describes the processes and findings of Participatory Action Research with migrant children and youth on the borders of China, Myanmar and Thailand.

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It discusses participatory methods of doing research with children, including many practical and ethical issues involved in working with young migrants. It also examines some of the pilot interventions and activities undertaken by Save the Children together with young migrants, including those geared toward strengthening social structures, awareness raising, capacity building, life skills development, provision of outreach services and networking and advocacy.

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The report then reviews benefits and challenges of a participatory approach to working with children, and makes specific recommendations to other organizations interested in pursuing participatory work with young migrant populations. But the sky knows the reasons and patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.

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Clouds are an endless source of fascination with a shape and symmetry all of their own, related to the physics of cloud formation. Unusually you cannot always tell the size of a cloud by looking at it — it seems to be almost independent of scale.

This is all part of the fractal nature of clouds and many other natural forms. Cloud watching is a very relaxing activity to do with children of all ages. The trick is to make sure the children have enough space and time just to be.

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To quote Terry Guillemots:. They may wish to write their favourite as a thought cloud.

Looking for cloud pictures is fun. It is often possible to see a face or an animal or other object created from clouds…. For there can be seen hidden features and objects. As a child, I used to talk about the amount of blue in the sky needed to make a suit for a sailor with my sisters.

UNICEF: A Gathering Storm. Climate change clouds the future of children in Bangladesh

Sometimes there was only enough for the buttons, let alone the trousers and top. A good way of working out the amount of cloud in the sky is to take a big mirror and using a marker pen, split the area into 8 equal parts.

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  • Put it on the ground on a day and look at the number of squares or eighths covered. I love the way the kaleidoscope option creates snowflakes out of the clouds. Not the same as real snow but an interesting parallel…. If you are keen to help children learn about different types of cloud, then this Pedagoo blog post by Gemma Sanderson tells you about an effective use of a cloud frame for this purpose.

    A Gathering Storm: Climate change clouds the future of children in Bangladesh

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