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Lasting Image. By MY WISH . (Recent photo by Wendy McDonough Photography) . Comedian releases novel inspired by his Irish roots.

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Be willing to practice writing. This will give you a chance to match sounds with letters.

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What parents can do to help at home Check with your child's teacher or principal to make sure the school's reading program teaches phonological, phonemic awareness, and phonics skills. If your child is past the ages at which phonemic awareness and phonological skills are taught class-wide usually kindergarten to first or second grade , make sure he or she is receiving one-on-one or small group instruction in these skills. Make up silly sentences with words that begin with the same sound, such as "Nobody was nice to Nancy's neighbor".

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Read books with rhymes. Teach your child rhymes, short poems, and songs. Practice the alphabet by pointing out letters wherever you see them and by reading alphabet books. Consider using computer software that focuses on developing phonological and phonemic awareness skills. Many of these programs use colorful graphics and animation that keep young children engaged and motivated.

What teachers can do to help at school Learn all about phonemes there are more than 40 speech sounds that may not be obvious to fluent readers and speakers.

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Make sure the school's reading program and other materials include skill-building in phonemes, especially in kindergarten and first grade these skills do not come naturally, but must be taught. If children are past the age at which phonemic awareness and phonological skill-building are addressed typically kindergarten through first or second grade , attend to these skills one-on-one or in a small group.

Ask your school's reading specialist for help finding a research-based supplemental or intervention program for students in need. Identify the precise phoneme awareness task on which you wish to focus and select developmentally appropriate activities for engaging children in the task. Activities should be fun and exciting — play with sounds, don't drill them. Make sure your school's reading program and other materials include systematic instruction in phonics.

Consider teaching phonological and phonemic skills in small groups since students will likely be at different levels of expertise. Remember that some students may need more reinforcement or instruction if they are past the grades at which phonics is addressed by a reading program first through third grade.

Literacy Apps Find the best apps for building literacy skills. Target the Problem Pinpoint the problem a struggling reader is having and discover ways to help. Ready for Kindergarten What parents, teachers and child care providers need to know. Our Podcasts Watch or listen to our classroom video, author interviews and more. It should be offered to them as a precious gift. Does poetry matter? Can poetry be more relevant?

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It is the song of song, the language of language, the utterance of utterance and the spirit of spirit. Join Opinion on Facebook and follow updates on twitter.

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Topics: Culture , books , poems , poetry. But does poetry matter? Is it relevant? Tracy K. Smith, "Life on Mars". William Logan, "Madame X". Sandra Beasley, "I Was the Jukebox".

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Patrick Rosal, "Boneshepherds". Paul B. In a section of Poetry as Survival titled "From Life to Lyric Poetry," Orr summarizes the procedure: "In poetry, the terms of our lives are transformed into language.

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  • In writing about Keats's personal vision as a lyric poet who endured a number of devastating individual traumas, Orr concludes, "his struggle to understand his purpose as a poet led him to intuit the profound link between trauma and the ability to heal and console others who suffer. The scene is described in The Blessing:. Orr reports in his memoirs how he retreated to his bedroom after the shooting, and how the family treated the incident mostly with silence. The twelve year old felt he'd lost the love of others, especially his mother, from that day forward.

    Various forms of guilt and loss became ever-present in Orr's life, and responses to those emotions have often been present in his poetry over the years since Orr's first lyrical recounting of the event in "Gathering the Bones Together":. In his collection of poems, The Red House, Orr returns to his feelings elicited by this traumatic childhood experience. In a poem title "After a Death," Orr presents a dreamlike scene in which he, his brother, and their father are brought together again. The poem contains images depicting loss and grieving, and details that suggest guilt shared by the father and one son for the death of the other son.

    From his bedroom window, the young Greg Orr sees his father "cross the moonlit lawn" as he comes to get him. The two are next viewed accompanying the dead brother:. Indeed, in the poems of City of Salt that encounter the death of his younger brother, Orr not only remembers vividly and movingly the details of his brother's death and Orr's immediate reactions on the tragic day in "A Litany," but he also recalls that two young boys were actually lost on that day, his brother Peter and the innocent young Greg:.

    Although various poems Gregory Orr has written over the years confront this specific haunting experience and consider the lasting emotional effects created by it, a number of additional crucial events have shaped his works and serve equally as eloquent examples of the power poetry can exert through disclosure of actions or emotions leading toward an eventual healing. One of these instances of trauma is vividly described in The Blessing.

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    After a period of time when his family had been in the midst of turmoil brought on by his father's leaving for another, much younger woman, the family is brought together once again, and they depart for Haiti, where his father could work at the local clinic. Orr recalls: "We had reconsituted our family as a physical unit and consolidated our lives into the ten acres of the Deschapelles compound. Dad was busy with interesting if exhausting work at the hospital. For the first time in his life, his medical training was saving lives and relieving deep suffering on a daily basis.

    Indeed, the young Greg doesn't dare "hope for happiness, only some release, some sluicing away of all the accumulated grief. Rather than fly to Miami for the surgery or travel to the main Haiti hospital at Port-au-Prince, she undergoes the operation in the local hospital. Orr knows his father, despite an awareness of the dangers the mother faced, especially given her past medical history, surely advised the mother to stay, and Orr questions his father's care and concern for his mother.