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With that kind of hit to inventory, manufacturers are working overtime to get those new vehicles replaced at the dealerships. So, how do priorities change when a hurricane…. We have no shortage of content when it comes to explaining all of the benefits of implementing a managed closed floor in your dealership. What can I say? We believe in the process. Not only does it ensure every walk-in makes it into your CRM. But it allows the sales team to better manage the 5. Myths arise when there is a lack…. We've been talking a lot about the automotive markets "flattening". Both in blogs and at conferences across the country.

You may even be looking at those trends right now and seeing business slowing at your store too. To those of you who have not been affected by this, let us know your secrets. We want to know. Nextup earns a three-peat on the Inc. Nextup receives this recognition for the third straight year in a row and is among other leading companies like Yeti, PureCars, Launch Digital Marketing, and Dollar Shave Club.

In round 4 of Battle of the Big Cats, we're talking video adoption at the dealerships. Last week, we heard from Chris Leslie and now it's time for Josh Mitchell to spit some truth. Video is hard…The sarcasm from Chris makes this even more fun. The fact that we have been talking about video in the automotive space since , yet most are still working in the stone age, is beyond me. Video works!!!

Maybe it is the…. Battle of the Big Cats is back and we're talking video adoption at the dealerships.

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This fourth round is kicked off by Chris K Leslie and I'm sure we're going to see some intriguing back and forth on this topic. Take it away Chris Last week, Tom Stuker hit the nail on the head. Your dealership might be good.

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Watch the video to learn the true difference between an open floor and a managed floor and how you might be able to benefit from a managed floor in your dealership. Time to course correct some bad habits on our sales floors before the affects of less traffic really take hold.

Process in all facets of your dealership is the cornerstone of your success. Naturally areas that lack in this area will always suffer. We wanted to focus today on something that we normally don't blog about but understand how critical it is to the evolution of your business and brand. A hiring process is so critical as the industry averages in employee turnover remain consistent and somewhat high in certain segments. Does your dealership have…. As we approach the second half of , we have seen lower car sales being reported month over month.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. Looking back at those sessions how do we now continue to evaluate ourselves as we….

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Picture this: You have just released your latest automotive software version and mobile application, so everybody will instantly download and start using it, right? Well, not exactly. The case for change is difficult to make and even harder to implement. In order to be successful, you not only need the appropriate product enhancements, but an outstanding communication plan to drive awareness and break down the barrier for change.

If you build it, they will come.

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As business owners, we are continually looking for ways to improve efficiency and grow our business. That means, every so often we must go in search of a new vendor or service and the task can be daunting. There are so many resources out there, how do you get started? More importantly, when…. The NADA workforce study reported that the percentage of all female employees in the dealership remains stagnant at just Additionally, only 7. Dealerships are continuing to fall short when it comes hiring women. Is it the culture that keeps women away?

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  • Do women want a more flexible work schedule? Are the female applicants there but simply not being hired? Whatever the reason, it's an important issue…. Statistics have always been something I relate to. They are black and white. They are facts rooted in historical data. So, when it comes to making decisions, I like to see what those statistics are telling me. Not only how I have performed in the past, but where I may need to improve and grow. It only makes sense, right? Can you be an automotive consultant or vendor if you have never sold a car before?

    We've heard from both Chris Leslie and Josh Mitchel. Let see what our panel of unbiased judges have to say about it. First off, let…. Last Week, Josh Mitchell argued that you can, indeed, be an automotive consultant or vendor if you have never sold a car before. Chris Leslie disagrees. If you're solving someone else's problem, you're constantly stabbing in the dark.

    When you solve your own problem, the light comes on. The problem…. Stop worrying about transaction times and focus on the customer experience! Could customers be looking for a better experience? The sales and…. They've Battled over Google Adwords. They threw down about BDC's. Now we want to know what they think about Automotive Consultants and Vendors. For those who know me, you know that I am not a conventional car guy. To be honest I hate car guys. But that's not important. The question is,….

    In an article, earlier this year I looked at the symptoms of a sick sales floor. I want to dig in a little deeper and look specifically at walk-in traffic and its true value to your dealership. The opportunities can be richer than we perceive. However, that value can go completely undetected by even the most seasoned veteran. Everyone working…. Reverse mentoring, in its truest definition, refers to an initiative in which older employees are paired with, and mentored by, younger employees on a variety of themes such as technology, social media and current trends.

    Especially when it comes to marketing strategies for your dealership. But I do, however, subscribe to the idea of building stronger teams at your…. This week, Alan Ram talks about the conflicts he sees at many dealerships and the simples steps managers can take to resolve them. In our heads, we know what we want our people to be doing on a daily basis, but our actions and processes or lack thereof contradict what our heads are thinking and we end up sending our staff conflicting messages.

    What do you see as you walk through your showroom?

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    Many of…. It's time for the final verdict on the Google Adwords debate. Chris Leslie and Josh Mitchel both served up their thoughts. Now which one will convert? See what I did there? That's a PPC joke. It's time for the judges to weigh in and declare a winner for Round 2. Welcome back to the Battle of the Big Cats: Round 2.

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    Josh Mitchell has something he'd like to say about that. Let's get ready to rumble Google is the number one search engine with over 1. As an industry, we spent…. We always like to get insight from our clients.