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Alex Peris , graphic designer and illustrator, lives in Santiago, Chile. He has worked for newspapers, magazines, and has illustrated children's books. He is currently preparing his first animated short film based on the Selknam people of Chilean Patagonia. Eliezer Nowodworski was born in Argentina and has lived in Israel since He studied history at Tel Aviv University. He works as a translator and interpreter, and his Spanish translations have been published in Spain, Argentina, Peru, and Mexico.


Eliezer is a strong believer in multiculturalism and co-existence. Frieda Press-Danieli was born in Uruguay and has lived in Israel since she was twelve.

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She translated several books from Spanish and many movies and series for the Israeli Television. She was also a documentary translator for National Geographic TV and film.

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  • The recollection of the dream and its accompanying interpretation so impressed the king, that he began to treat Daniel as though he were a deity, prostrating himself and attempting to offer libations and sacrifices before him. Twelve years later , BCE , Nebuchadnezzar had another disturbing dream.

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    Instead of summoning the other wise men of the empire, the king immediately sent for Daniel and requested his interpretation. He informed the king that he would be struck with insanity for seven years and would be reduced to the level of an animal. Daniel advised Nebuchadnezzar that to prevent the dream from turning into reality, he should distribute charity to the poor in abundance, and in the merit of these righteous deeds he might be spared from this fate.

    Nebuchadnezzar died in the year BCE and was succeeded by his son Evil [pronounced eh-vil ] Merodach whose reign extended for 23 years. As predicted by the vision of Daniel, 32 the kingdoms of Mede and Persia began to rebel against the rule of Bablylon. After initially warding off the attacks and declaring victory, King Belshazzar and one thousand of his noblemen threw a great feast in celebration.

    The king watched in alarm as the disembodied hand wrote a coded message that no one seemed to understand. On the advice of the queen, Daniel was summoned to the palace to interpret the inscription. As Daniel portended, the disintegration of the Babylonian empire was soon to come. That very night Belshazzar was assassinated by one of his own bodyguards. With the death of Belshazzar, the combined armies of the Medes under Darius and the armies of Persia under Cyrus, were free to march into Babylon and conquer it.

    Darius was first to rule, in keeping with the prophecy that Mede would reign first.

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    It was important for Darius to quickly assert control over the vast kingdom, so he appointed functionaries to conduct the affairs of the many lands under his dominion. A supervisory council of three, one of whom was Daniel, would preside over all the activities of the functionaries. Daniel was unfazed. He proceeded to climb to the upper story of his home where his windows faced Jerusalem, to pray three times a day as he had always done 46 a proof, incidentally, that Jews have prayed three times a day since time immemorial His enemies lost no time in reporting his illegal prayers to the king.

    Darius, who had come to value and respect Daniel, was deeply disturbed by this development, 48 because he recognized that he would now be compelled to act upon his decree. The Talmud explains that Daniel was brought to endure this ordeal because he had provided king Nebuchadnezzar with advice to give charity to the Jewish poor in order to avoid Divine retribution. The Talmud also mentions that in later generations, Jewish people would walk considerable distances on Shabbat to assemble and pray at the location where Daniel prayed, which was situated three miles from the city of Barnish.

    I decree upon you to emerge from inside the idol! It should be noted that according to the Talmud, 60 Daniel was not present during the assembly before the idol of Dura. Prior to the return of the Jews to Judea in BCR , the leading Jewish scholars of the time convened to form the most prestigious assembly of Jewish scholarship in recorded history, known as the Anshei Kneset Hagedolah Men of the Great Assembly.

    Daniel, acted in a similar manner. This is His magnificent display of strength for He restrains His will in that He shows a long-suffering countenance to the wicked by not punishing them immediately. And these are indeed great displays of His awesomeness, because if not for the awe of the nations for the Holy One, Blessed is He, how could one solitary nation survive among the 70 nations of the world?! The book of Daniel is a narrative woven with mystery and prophecy, containing cryptic descriptions of future events, mystical interpretation of dreams, profound visions about the Mashiach Messiah and the revival of the dead in the end of days.

    It is the primary source used by many Jewish scholars for calculating the exact date of the future redemption, information Daniel was commanded to render obscure. Yet, there are some surprising distinctions between the two as well. The masters of Kabbalah point out that Daniel was privy to clearer prophetic visions than those of Ezekiel, 74 despite not being a prophet like his colleagues, Chagai, Zecharia and Malachi. Some identify Daniel as Hatach, who is mentioned in the Purim story as the individual who transmitted critical messages between Mordechai and Esther.

    He was referred to as Hatach lit. Daniel is also identified as Memuchan, the advisor to king Achashverosh who suggested that queen Vashti be put to death for disobeying the royal order to appear before the king during his feast. The Talmud 82 discusses a law established by Daniel while in Babylon that was intended to make intermarriage less likely. The sages enacted various laws that were intended to ensure that Jews do not marry out of the faith, such as the ordinance against partaking of food items cooked by gentiles.

    Daniel qualified this ruling as applying only in big cities where the possibility of fraternizing with gentiles and ultimately marrying them was a greater possibility.

    As a paradigm of spiritual resilience Daniel displayed genuine self-sacrifice in the face of immense adversity, and holding onto his beliefs and religious practice despite the isolation of exile. Notwithstanding the spiritual darkness that enveloped him, Daniel personally retained a high level of Divine consciousness and aligned his conduct with its sacred values.

    In a way, he succeeded in transforming the spiritual desolation of his corner of the world into a state of redemption. In this merit, the book of Daniel is the sole volume of the Holy Scriptures to openly record Divine prophecy regarding the ultimate redemption and the time it will arrive.

    See Sanhedrin 93b. Shmuel b.

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    Nachmani contends that only Danial was from the tribe of Judah. Daniel See Yeshaya where Chizkiyahu was informed that his progeny would serve in the Babylonian royal court. Midrash Shir Hashirim Rabbah, adds that Daniel requested permission of Nebuchadnezzar to approach the idol and kiss it. When his mouth was in very close proximity, he grabbed the tzitz with his mouth and removed it from the idol. See R. See also R. See Midrash Bereishit Rabbah where it states that Daniel and our patriarch Jacob were two individuals to whom the date of the redemption was revealed but later forgotten.

    As noted by Seder Olam, ch. See Ezekiel ; Daniel